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Thanksgiving Shopping

 Halloween-Thanksgiving- Christmas-When?

Halloween in August, Thanksgiving in September, and Christmas in October.  I am a stickler for my store displays and actually, I don’t have the Halloween spirit in August anymore than I have the Christmas spirit in October.   It usually doesn’t sail into my mind until after Thanksgiving, so the store stays in the Autumn mindset until the end of November. Capitalism is the life of business but does society have to live for capitalism?

thanksgiving shopping debate

When To Shop?

The retail industry has twisted people’s minds to their Holidays, their wishes, and their rules for our shopping habits.  They subliminally and outright tell you when to buy and what, alter our priorities, and cause more stress and loss of sleep than we had in high school.   (I never, of my own free will forgo sleep except to catch a vacation plane!)   So is it to the point that maybe we should just move the original holiday dates to where retail wants them to save our home life and sanity or…should we be free Americans,  clamping down to fight for our lives and traditions.  Thankfully, people are realizing they are being shuffled and a movement is starting, to take back our choices.  I mean after all, if you find water rising up to your ankle, that’s the time to do something about it, not when it’s around your neck.   It’s time.

Thanksgiving Anyone?

Holiday shopping
Local poinsettias are not red yet

According to TheHuffingtonPost, retail stores open on Thanksgiving is doing so for less than 20% of the holiday shopper population.  Having a retail store myself I get the competitive push, but do the stores really need it so badly that they can’t wait 24 hrs-and worse in my mind is why do people not want to be home?    Are people so retail institutionalized that they can’t not stay out of the hamster wheel?   I remember when my parents always prepared for any holiday week to get all they needed-especially and including gas-because everything was closed.  The world was so peaceful and quiet on Thanksgiving because we were all home.   I really miss that peace don’t you?

The shop-still displaying autumn beauty
The shop-still displaying autumn beauty

Shop After Dessert …And Walked Your Dog <:)

My store will be closed as my website functions perfectly well on its own with absolutely no help from me.  It will escort you into the store, show you all the gifts and goods, take your order, take payment, and even email you a thank you!  All by itself.   The internet has no family; and websites are fully functioning, solo machines without an ounce of feeling.

 If our traditions have had the strength to go on for centuries, no one should  one day just decide to turn them off.  I say if retail wants to keep their websites open on our traditional and sacred Holidays-that would be fine as websites have nothing else to do or care about.   But… close the brick & mortar stores-because they do have a family and a heart .

I think it’s not happy people who are thankful; it is thankful people who are happy.:))

Get your gas on Wednesday and have a nice Thanksgiving!

Lynn & Willow

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