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Green For Kids


See us at the yearly, Y2Kids event at Stewart Airport.

Victorian garden boy green for kids
1920’s boy in his green element!


About and why- Green For Kids

In days past, there was no need for a ‘green for kids’ thinking.  Children spent all their free time outdoors among Nature, it was everywhere.  We had no imported goods made for a single use, no boatloads of plastics and chemicals, no instant food, and no internet.   Today most children are only sporadically outdoors; the environment is no longer everywhere in their lives and it is disappearing fast.  

The photo above epitomizes how things were and glaringly evident how it is not now. Today, children learning about Nature and caring for their environment is necessary for their survival and that of their planet.  It is our responsibility to encourage and educate them as it will be their Earth and all the generations after them.  If those in the 60’s had not instituted the environmental movement, Greenpeace, Endangered Species Act, etc. etc., then we would not have the awareness we have now and save as much as we do of it.

I created Cool Green For Kids to share my knowledge and that of my green business.  What I do to be of an environmental mind will benefit not only their floral & gardening experience, possible entrepreneurship, but more so will help to instill that we all live in the same eco system.  Working with it and for it together we all can live happy and healthy.  Together we can thrive, apart we all will fail.

Green For Kids Projects

I have created simple and thought provoking projects that incorporate recycling, reusing, and found objects that compliment, promote, or save the environment.   I will be adding many more projects which are available for free download and printing in pdf form at the end of each.

 If you are a teacher, administrator, or troop leader and would like me to bring my projects to your school or event please feel free contact me as there is never a charge, never an agenda.  My passion is the environment and my mission is to bring awareness to any and all; and the children are most important as they are the next stewards of the planet.

 562-2820  lynn@goodolddaysflorist.com

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Click Below on the Green for Kids Projects


 The Baby Ecosystem Project




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