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Some Wedding Day Things To Think On……

  You have a once-in-a-lifetime, event opportunity that you will never have again which…. calls for a unique, one time, creativity in all areas of your wedding to make it yours alone.   A day of real meaning and intimacy for yourselves,  family, and dearest friends.  I see so many planning a huge affair for 200+ guests when the finances actually fit 75.   This is done by cutting corners, eliminating those  special wedding details, favorite things, and most of all-quality; which ironically are all the areas that ultimately make the day amazing, and never forgotten.  A very styled, wealthy, and wise lady advised; ” if on a small budget then have a smaller, but quality event.  An outdoor party or picnic to celebrate your new lives can always be held at a later date to gather the masses.” 🙂

 Getting married is such a fairy tale time that anything less than perfect should not even be considered.  All the classic traditions like bridesmaid luncheon and rehearsal dinner are not to be missed as each one adds to the fairy tale.  A couple should be nothing less than breathless about every aspect of their wedding from their venues and clothing, to their menu and flowers-as also should be their guests.  A smaller, delicious, and beautifully decorated cake by a talented baker is worth twice a huge bland cake of the same price.   10 real satin, handmade aisle ribbons set such a better setting than 20 pre-made, wrinkled bows from the discount store.  Your wedding is not a time just  for impressing 100’s of guests, but yet spending to impress yourselves for a magnificent day because after all.. it is your day not theirs.

  As a green wedding advocate and adviser, I always promote upcycling and reusing; however never at the cost of taste, style, and most of all-quality and creativity.  Leave the inexpensive accents, decorations, and the “I guess we don’t need that’s” and the “this will have to do’s” for a not so, incredible event.  You will be ever so glad you did.

How To Choose Your Wedding Flowers  

Flowers should express your personality with your innate good taste.  They should be in season, traditionally correct, and add enchantment to the entire wedding picture.  And… they should be individual creations that add both charm and drama to even the simplest of ceremonies.
There are varying degrees of formality for both wedding and reception and you can set the pace by your choices,  then beginning the creative process.  The most unexpected thoughts and materials can produce the most surprising and breathtaking result.  I encourage you as I do myself to think ‘what if’; let your imagination take over and listen to it.  There are other choices beyond the round, stem bouquet-in fact there are a multitude of choices limited only occasionally by Nature.  This is your day of dreams deserving only the most exceptional décor, bouquets, and accessories to enhance your own loveliness.

Wedding Flower Ideas-Picture These 

                             ..An English garden; a lovely, tangled mass of blooms in glorious colors

..A headdress that looks as if just gathered yet intricately constructed

..The natural look of several sized roses gathered.

..Or that one variety wrapped in pearls for a formal appearance

..A bracelet of white lilies worn at the reception

..Dense, white stock tumbling from a garden basket

..The pleasant harmony of feather ferns and blue delphinium

..Candle clusters in a deep bowl of rose petals

..Art Nouveau 1915; sculptured calla lilies-the simple form of 1 variety.

..Elegant yet weathered urns overflowing as a picture garden

..Sprigs of lavender peeking from the napkin fold

..Decorated hats, hoops, &  pomanders-for mischievous young attendants

..Baskets of herbs with hovering butterflies

..The look of flower abandonment on a luxuriantly, decorated arch

About Us-About Your Wedding Flowers

I freely admit to never creating the same design or bouquet twice-there is always some small twist or whim of Nature.  Creating the same design over and over at every wedding or event is not only stunting to me, but seems common and unfair for you.  I assure you no worry of assembly line designs. With upwards to 50 weddings and corporate/media events yearly; I still get anxious & excited  because it is what I do and love it.  A close mental picture I can render; but I honestly cannot give that detailed, to the number, exact outcome-as I myself never know what will be the exact.     I don’t have a system or standard recipe to manufacture flower arrangements as to my thinking,  it is not possible.  As a business owner, I know all costs involved but as the artist I create, and I create until I am satisfied and-satisfied that you will be.

Unfortunately, one travesty of the floral industry today are the many, so called ‘florists’.  Innate talent just is… it is not created with a website, the hanging of a sign, because they grew them, or the purchase of a cooler.  And it surely is not contingent on price.    Wherever you are, and whatever florist you choose, look for that one time creativity, the faraway look of imagination, and most of all-an excited energy in you and your event.  Call today to come visit and share your thoughts or schedule an in depth consultation. I charge just $35. which of course will be put toward your final order.  Click through here for the consult/idea form to fill out ahead of time.

Dream on…..Dream on…..Dream until your dreams come true **

 Be Happy & Always Dream,  Lynn 🙂 

Enjoy 4 Seasonal Albums with a taste of our wedding flower designs…just to get you thinking.

Wintertime…brisk air, muffs, ice, white and more white, twinkling, evergreens

Flowers For A Winter Wedding

And then on to Spring…fresh, new starts, buds and birds, that color green…..

Flowers For A Spring Wedding

Colorful and loud…summertime flowers, bees, and butterflies

Flowers For A Summer Wedding

On to the warm and cozy time….orange and rust, bark, and apples

Flowers For An Autumn Wedding


Wedding Flower Collections….Aka Packages 

 Our Wedding Flower Package Collections use the same high quality flowers & accessories that you would receive out of the Collection so do not hesitate to look into them and see if they are your favorites.

See all our Collections   Wedding Flower Packages          

Questions? Email or telephone today.

Do It Yourself -Wedding Flowers

*** A note on DIY

Self creativity is very rewarding and a very popular aspiration today;  advocated everywhere to be ‘easy.’  Some can be if done far ahead of time, but it is not for everyone.  If you have simple, beginner designs or decoration, and have a circle of employees or able friends to assist, then it can be a good thing.  For fresh product designs, you must be aware they will need proper mechanics, hydrating, and cold storage.  

 If, on the other hand; you are attempting large and/or difficult decor and/or have enlisted parents, sister, or brother as the designee’s; then I cannot in good conscience recommend it without expert help.  It is a wonderful feeling to create some aspects of your event or wedding, but it is a serious time consumer  along  with the responsibility of labor in set-up and delivery.  It can monopolize anyones good time being ‘behind the scenes’.

 It needs to be well though out as DIY may save a few dollars but can end up adding more stress to an already nervous day for you.   Being carefree with no worries should be the bride & grooms or hostesses goal on their event or wedding.  And that… is what you employ us for.

If you are interested in creating your own flowers for an event we can surely help you with all the details. You may know what you want, but the how’s & when’s are usually the stumbling block. You can order your flowers by the bunch from us and we can help you with the rest. Cooler space rental , accessories, and supplies are always available. Schedule an appointment and we can guide you to the correct amounts needed, the ordering dates, and all the particulars.

Learn To Make Your Wedding Event Flowers

Creating the flowers for any event on your own, is the dream of many. Unfortunately, the confidence & enthusiasm  in the early planning stages can dwindle as the day gets closer, and with good reason. We all have talents, but floral design is one you are born with; not quickly learned for a one time event. With the many details & tasks that must be finished beforehand, the timing seems to always infringe on your creative dreams.

However, creating your own simple designs is one of the most rewarding things you could do for yourself and your event. We love what we do and in turn love to share it. Having taught many a student at our in-store classes the basics of many arrangements, it is not only a fun time, but a great boost for the self-esteem! We can help you step by step with your wedding and event flowers, whether at your venue or the store. This can be a private one-on-one in the store, your home, or another site-or for the entire group, friends, and family to participate and help; using your flowers & supplies or ours.

Whether in-store, or your site, we will help you step by step in making beautiful hand tied bouquets, corsages, lapels, centerpieces and the ’mysterious’ bows. Visit our Floral Design School page or just telephone or email what you want to make and for the school details . 

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