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Fundraising Partnership

Our idea is a simple, no cost way  to raise awareness of needed monies for any charity/organization.  Our community activism is extremely important, and this program allows us to be a contributing factor to everyone by refusing no donation requests.

We all need to take responsibility and find ways to give back;  sustaining our communities, the people,  the planet and its creatures- this,  is just one of the ways we do.

How it works:

We set up an in-store fund for your cause and supply a sample printed handout for you to copy and distribute.  Anyone purchasing in our store can participate in the drive  by referencing  the charity fund.  20% of the sale (exc. taxes and delivery if any) will automatically be set aside for your donation fund.   This program  can be as successful as you make it;  the more people aware of, promote, and utilize it, the larger the end donation will be-as we have set no limits.   We look forward to helping you and wish you a successful fund drive.

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