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Sweet Bay Laurel-Ripping of the leaf

Sweet bay is not like your bay leaf tossed into stews, same family but an entirely different experience.  It is an aromatherapy delight of freshness with a whimsical spiciness and a touch of magic, quite unexpected and immediately uplifting    I call its effect the ‘big eye” leaf like a Margaret Keane painting because it is

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Wonderful Wild Wedding Flowers & Bouquets

Any Native American would tell you there are no ‘weeds’; but yet that every plant has a purpose. It is apparent that Brides are taking heed with wild, and wild looking wedding flowers and décor. The look of a wildflower, roadside field with those multitude of near unidentifiable wisps and strands in various colors. Or…that

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A Trip To The Flower Farm

Our season of local grown, flowers in the Northeast is nearing full force, so my daily flower offerings will now be dominated by these beauties until late October or so.   As an eco-florist, I am a proponent of US and local grown everything so often curiously, asked where in fact are they grown and how

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In Memory Of Decoration Day

**I have updated and re-posting my popular article from 2017 as there are so many changes with the current pandemic. Now there is time to do what the day was created for and I hope to encourage you to visit those passed on that you may not have in a long while, if ever; and

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Viruses & Flowers-Mother Nature’s Gifts

Nothing since the World Wars of the last century crushed more special days for more people of every age, than the covid virus concocted from Mother Nature.  We forget not to interfere with her as she is the Queen and we are her patrons. Anniversary dinners were canceled, birthday parties postponed, children’s concerts & recitals

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Eucalyptus-Another Of Natures Healing Gifts

The year of the eucalyptus plant is upon us and it is the vogue favorite for all sort of amazing floral arrangements from door wreath to party tables. However, its health qualities are just as amazing especially in the winter months when we have little fresh air indoors and frequent colds and illness. This nondescript

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Winter Aromatherapy Tree & Wreathpourri

The holidays are gone and so are most of the decorations except…your door wreath and tree. If you are about ready to dispose of your falling needle wreath or tree; don’t. Instead, honor the branches the tree so graciously gave by creating a lovely sachet of tree or  ‘wreathpourri’. Natural, winter aromatherapy is always the

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Flowers From St. Valentine Are Romantic Not Mainstream

 Mainstream Flowers Roses, roses, roses.  Valentine flowers are everywhere in every town, online, and now even on Amazon who are promoting flowers from “their farms”.   Such a word mockery.   We too could put a slippery edge on advertising conversationally, as my farm is one that I choose to buy from.  Humph.    All these Valentine offerings

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Native Made

  This… is perhaps my favorite area.  Interesting items found in my travels across our great country.  Some made in New York, and some made nationwide, some by hidden artists I stumbled on ,and other by our Native Americans on the reservations I visit.   I hope you enjoy these found’ objects’, and appreciate the

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Wonderful Wreaths Description

There is something …about a wreath, it literally has a never ending appeal.   The Greek translation is diadema and were given as miliary, athletic, and royal merit.  The Latin translation is corona and were given for reward and royalty; eventually leading to the crown. Native Americans believe them a sacred circle of fire, while the Polynesian translation is a

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Winter Flower Ideas Description

Happiness By Season                Seasons change and so do the flowers or rather, they are supposed to.  Traditionally, the only floral decorations of years gone by in the cooler times were those that were grown in local greenhouses or bits & pieces of nature gathered from the outdoors.  

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Vintage Designs Description

Abundance and opulence; with details that mattered and…. were expected.  The way all flowers were and should still be arranged, decorated, and presented.  Beautiful containers from vase to wire basket would hold large & small designs but always with every stem an intent.      

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Tussie Mussies Description

Sweet flowers alone can say what passion fears revealing Thomas Hood poem, The Language of Flowers           Tussie Mussie Express yourself with the Language of flowers. As it is written……while in 1718 Turkey, a certain Lady Mary Wortley Montagu filled her letters home with fascinating tales of an ancient, Turkish selam

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