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Sweet Bay Laurel-Ripping of the leaf

Sweet bay is not like your bay leaf tossed into stews, same family but an entirely different experience.  It is an aromatherapy delight of freshness with a whimsical spiciness and a touch of magic, quite unexpected and immediately uplifting    I call its effect the ‘big eye” leaf like a Margaret Keane painting because it is

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Wonderful Wild Wedding Flowers & Bouquets

Any Native American would tell you there are no ‘weeds’; but yet that every plant has a purpose. It is apparent that Brides are taking heed with wild, and wild looking wedding flowers and décor. The look of a wildflower, roadside field with those multitude of near unidentifiable wisps and strands in various colors. Or…that

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In Memory Of Decoration Day

**I have updated and re-posting my popular article from 2017 as there are so many changes with the current pandemic. Now there is time to do what the day was created for and I hope to encourage you to visit those passed on that you may not have in a long while, if ever; and

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Viruses & Flowers-Mother Nature’s Gifts

Nothing since the World Wars of the last century crushed more special days for more people of every age, than the covid virus concocted from Mother Nature.  We forget not to interfere with her as she is the Queen and we are her patrons. Anniversary dinners were canceled, birthday parties postponed, children’s concerts & recitals

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Eucalyptus-Another Of Natures Healing Gifts

The year of the eucalyptus plant is upon us and it is the vogue favorite for all sort of amazing floral arrangements from door wreath to party tables. However, its health qualities are just as amazing especially in the winter months when we have little fresh air indoors and frequent colds and illness. This nondescript

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Flowers From St. Valentine Are Romantic Not Mainstream

 Mainstream Flowers Roses, roses, roses.  Valentine flowers are everywhere in every town, online, and now even on Amazon who are promoting flowers from “their farms”.   Such a word mockery.   We too could put a slippery edge on advertising conversationally, as my farm is one that I choose to buy from.  Humph.    All these Valentine offerings

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Buy Local Grown Holiday Decorations-Not From The Sunday Papers

As I read the Sunday advertisements yet again this year, all the floral departments of the local big box stores from grocery to department to home stores were filled with great, bargain options.   With the Holidays upon us-of course they are full of holiday flowers,  poinsettias, and wreaths.  With that, I will explain the offerings,

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Please Say Goodbye To Balloons

The Fish & Wildlife has finally conceded to just one of the campaigns of my green floristry practices.  Balloons are bad for us, the environment, and especially our wildlife.  Poor balloons; we all grew up with these celebratory friends but they are not as they were.  Is anything?  No longer made of rubber but yet

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Making A Show for Our National Parks-The 100 Year Cenntenial

As the Duchess Fair kicks off, it is time for the competition, floral displays to beautify the Horticulture Barn.  With a theme this year of ‘passport to the world’ I knew immediately only one idea I would create.   My passport is and always will be to any of our National Parks; the most awe inspiring

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A Floral Badge of Merit On NBC-The Original Purple Heart

A purple, heart shaped patch named the Badge of Merit was the first US military award both designed and issued by George Washington himself to the Continental Army on August 7, 1782 at his headquarters in Newburgh.    This was the first time in history that military awards were presented to common soldiers.  In Europe it

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Natural Easter Egg Dyes

I recall my Mother always having one of those little box kits miraculously appear to ‘naturally’ dye eggs for Easter.  Such excitement & mystery that little box held for me.  Still today, it is a harbinger of Easter and  I can’t picture the holiday without seeing racks of them in all the stores.  They are

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Green House Plants for Clean Fresh Air Indoors

Sick House Syndrome (SHS)-have you ever heard this term?   It has been bantered around quietly since a NASA study years ago but public awareness of SHS came to light loudly with hurricane Katrina.  Unknowing to so many well meaning, construction companies and celebrities donating and building temporary housing; they made the rescued people ill. 

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Save the Easter Plants

Plant or donate your Easter plants instead of tossing them.  Don’t sentence  them to the landfill. We all await spring with Easter being the signal that it is not far away.  The potted bulbs have arrived in the store giving an instant refreshment from the stuffy indoor air we all have tolerated.  The hyacinth and

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Martha Stewart’s American Made Awards-Some Good & Bad Things?

Hi Casey-this one’s for you and California Cut Flower Commission and Debra at Slowflowers! **Dear friends, A little background on this post.  Martha Stewart has initiated a new program whereby she is giving various US companies an American Made award.  This is a super idea, however there is debate as to her criteria with one

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About Flowers On Pearl Harbor Day

The Flower Wreaths… Every year I am commissioned to create wreaths of flowers for the various veteran, ceremonies including Pearl Harbor Day; oddly it is now a different kind of order.  Flower remembrances for Pearl Harbor Day are traditionally tossed into a body of water, and somehow it seems people are aware of something amiss

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