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Vegetative Vase For Farm Animals


Arranged in a free form design as Nature intended.  A vegetative cluster of pretty iris, grasses, and wildflowers.  Made in a truly, earth  friendly container made of rice hulls that biodegrades in 5 years.  Super.
70. as shown with 5 iris.  
85. with 10 iris.
 *decorative bulb-real bulbs avail in the Spring only
Available in preserved flowers shippable nationwide
5 preserved iris pot shipped 100.
10 preserved iris pot shipped 115.
An arrangement with a vegetarian mind for sure.   
To benefit alternatively our local Catskill Farm Animal Sanctuary in Saugerties, NY and the Woodstock Farm Sanctuary in High Falls, NY; both providing retreat for abandoned/neglected farm animals.   They educate and promote a vegetarian lifestyle; advocating that our animals were not put here for human use only.
They both serve as informational, enlightening, and activist sites with behind the scenes look at how those steak & eggs came to be on the plate.   The inhumane, factory farming methods for profit now practiced are nothing short of horrific; once you know-once you see-once you feel their pain-a vegetarian outlook is welcomed.



I can’t thank you enough for purchasing any of these designs; my business goal is to bring as much awareness and money to all the organizations featured in my Flowers for A Cause.

*A note from Lynn & Willow -see our video visit to Catskill farm at our blog

Our Belief: we will not eat anything with a face that could smile back at us when it was alive.


Here I am visiting the Catskill Sanctuary and loving it.


Fresh 5 iris pot, Fresh 10 iris pot, Preserved 5 iris pot shipped, Preserved 10 iris pot shipped

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