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Moss Gardens


Planters are great and we love them…however there is nothing like a rare, moss garden.  Using an assortment of local grown mosses from sphagnum, club, and reindeer and more; with the added little plant or fern cozied in between.  Inspired by my trips to Glacier Nat. Park; some have a found tree trunk while others have unique bark piece and rocks.  All the extra large sized include a a handmade, pottery mushroom and  no 2 gardens are ever the same.  A unique gift is an understatement.  🙂  We love love love them.


Made in  terra cotta dishes with at least 3 varieties of moss and available year round.  Note that shipped kits will include a faux, terra dish for safe shipping which you may use your own favorite dish also.  Moss is evergreen and hardy so these can be put outside to plant or kept indoors.  A drenching water spray once a week or less depending on the temperature of the home or if outdoors.

  If you want to add a favorite something just ask-we probably have it …from little porcelain snails to dragonflies to birds nest or a precious geode rock

Choose from the following.  All sizes include: assorted mosses & plants, decorative wood piece, stones

Small 7 ” dish has 1 fern

Medium 12″ dish has 1 fern and 1 other plant

Large  14-16″ dish has 4 plants   (shown)

Extra Large 20-24″ dish  has 4-6 plants

Small kit

Medium kit

Large kit

**Custom and larger gardens available as is a kit to make your own which is shippable anywhere in the US for a bit extra-just call or email us if questions!

A moss forest I snapped in Glacier Nat. Park

small, medium, large, extra large, small kit, medium kit, large kit

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