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Garden Bouquet of Herbs


As an ‘alternative” florist…herbs are a weekly inventory, depending on the season…they bring texture & scent to all my bouquets.  However, this one is 75% herbs with added flowers of a wild tone of the season.  Shown is the Spring version with the green viburnum and Cobra lilies but these wild things will change with the time of year but will not be any less attractive.  The tones are all mostly greens & whites for the side-of-the-road style-even in the winter.  They are a scent to behold and after washing the herbs can be dried and used later for cooking or sachets!

Herby bouquets come in all sizes but most are as shown in the 10-12″ diameter range, and re-arranged and hand tied ready for the vase.  $65.and up.  

Lavender is added to all-dry in the winter and fresh in season; otherwise the mix ranges from rosemary-bay leaf-chamomile-dusty miller-queens lace.  In season additions are thyme, sage, and mint among others 🙂



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