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Outside The Vase For Animal Cruelty


Aptly named, a 6” bubble bowl (with no fish!) exploding with a seasonal mix and side branching .  A watching bird perches thinking “outside the vase”, as  PETA asks to think ’outside the box” and really wonder where & how…
Assorted fresh flowers of the season 85.
Sent anywhere in the US of preserved & silk flowers  120.
To benefit People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals; one of the largest animal rights organization in the world. They educate us and expose animal suffering on factory farms, in laboratories, the clothing trade, the entertainment industry, and any other form of animal abuse they find.  They walk the talk.  If you see any kind of animal abuse you can contact them and they respond to you-immediately.
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Some dislike president Ingrid Newkirk for sanctioning ‘in your face’ protests and horrific exposés; but we believe as she does-that animal atrocities can easily be put out of sight and mind.  For those who say “we can’t watch or hear that’, she says “maybe you should’.  By ignoring animal cruelty, you are in effect…condoning it.    Visit them at www.peta.org  
Watch what is going on-get involved-get educated.

Fresh Vase, Preserved Vase shipped

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