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Flower Preservation-Save Your Valentine’s Day Flowers & Bones Forever

Don’t you just love getting fresh flowers or a new bone, but hate to see them dry up and die?  Me too.   Did you know we have a way to preserve your pretty flowers?  We do.

preserve your flowers don't dry them
Tap the picture for info 🙂


Flower preservation is something I kind of understand.  I bet you have brown & crispy flowers in a box somewhere from a prom or an “old friend”.  I have bones that I loved too and haven’t looked at in quite some time, however I keep them too and I never forget any of them.  When I am sniffing around my preserved stash of bones I am instantly transformed back to its first day of gnawing.  Love it.  Each one is different and brings back a happy thought.



So, if you were given a special bouquet of flowers at a special time or…from a special person, then don’t just put them in a box or pack them in a closet.  Bring your flowers in let us save them for you.  We have a big machine called a freeze dryer that will like magic, dry and preserve your flowers.  I know how it is to being sentimental  for my bones and you will love this for any occasion..like your flowers for Valentine’s Day!

rescued greyhound having a bone
Me with one of my many bones



Willow 🙂 ♥♥



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