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Bear Grass Vase For Native American Arts


A column vase encompassed in wispy bear grass native to the western mountain ranges and a look-a-like to sweet grass-a Native American smudging tradition.  Filled with an always uncommon and seasonal mix.

Flowers will vary by the time of year in a tall 14″ grass covered vase.   145.

This can be made using preserved and silk flowers to send anywhere in the US  170.

**Visit our Earth Goods to add a sweetgrass braid or sage/cedar smudge wand.


To benefit the Red Hawk Council  based in New York City who are dedicated to educating the general public and breaking stereotypes of our Native Americans. I have been to several western reservations and not a nicer new family could one make.  Redhawk plays an important role in the local Native community by providing economic opportunities for performers, artists, and educators.  Every year, Native American students are chosen to receive scholarship funds to help with higher education expenses.  Native peoples are the’original’ Americans-and never should we forget.  Visit their site www.redhawkcouncil.org





I can’t thank you enough for purchasing any of these designs; my business goal is to bring as much awareness and money to all the organizations featured in my Flowers for A Cause.

native american powwow dancer child

A young dancer at Red Hawk Council, PowWow Bear Mtn.-he was great.

They are the largest Native organization in our area.  Not only do they have ongoing cultural & educational events at their facility weekly, but also travel throughout the tri-state area for on-site programs.  They further  promote several Powwow festivals all through the warmer months.   I encourage you to go-they are wonderful for adult & child alike, and are a peaceful and enlightening experience for all.




Fresh Vase, Preserved Vase shipped

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